Considering there is a season when sunbathers risk getting burned, is there a safe way to gain that healthy tan? In this case, tanning salons in NJ are considered safer than sitting under the sun to attain the desired color. They have tanning beds with relatively low UV radiation to let you achieve a nice tan.

But that’s not all!

Others that may be of benefit include increasing your Vitamin D, improving your moods, and treating some skin conditions that are liable to be impacted by tanning salons.

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In the next section, you will discover why it is safe to get a tanning salon and seven reasons why such salons will be beneficial to you. It is time to look and feel fabulous!

1. Achieve A Safe And Bronzed Glow

Sunburns are no fun! Tanning salons provide a protected opportunity to get the solution to such an issue as a beautiful tan, avoiding the aspect of burning.

Tanning beds use less UV radiation than natural ones, and this enables you to acquire natural tanning gradually. It reduces the harm done by the sun’s rays and allows you to get a beautiful and uniform tan that will suit any skin type.

2. Boost Vitamin D Production

To some extent, vitamin D is, in fact, the sunshine for the human body! Ways we could be getting vitamin D include synthesizing it from the sun, but this way, we may not be meeting our body’s daily requirements.

Tanning beds are a positive way of increasing Vitamin D in the body since they can be regulated. They also cause your skin, such as the sun, to synthesize this important vitamin. This can have a positive effect on your general well-being and, therefore, increase your stamina and the necessary resistance. Through tanning salons, one can be well endowed with the Vitamin D required to spruce up the body from the inside to out.

3. Enhance Mood And Appearance

While bathing the skin and giving it a healthy-looking tan, vitamin D present in the sunlight also helps to improve the mood. Spending time in the sun can help your body make vitamin D, which is like a sunshine vitamin!

Studies have even shown that sunshine vitamins can make people feel happier and more energetic. In addition, a healthy tan is somewhat beneficial in boosting one’s self-esteem. These are some of the joys of looking good and feeling good about the way you look, and they will definitely show. It helps to make you happy, apart from grooming up your looks.

4. Promote Relaxation And Self-Relief

Just picture the door closing behind you after a rather long day and getting into a warm home. Tanning beds are similar to this experience! The light given off by the bulbs is a warm light closely resembling the sun’s rays.

Thus, patients get soothed by their light. Pretty much like sunning oneself on a beach, save for the added discomfort of having a red neck and burning skin, the warmth provided by a hot cup of tea is more than handy at doing away with stress and any tension that may be ailing your mind.

An opportunity to tan becomes a small psychological break at work, and thus, having left the booth, a person feels lighter, newly washed, and sometimes even happier.

5. Improve Skin Conditions (Psoriasis, Eczema)

Suffering from regular cases like psoriasis or eczema that has caused itchy skin and irritation? You may be shocked by what I will tell you now: it is possible to benefit from UV light therapy! However, special UV treatments also exist under the professional control of some tanning salons.

Nevertheless, it is imperative to emphasize that this is not a universal cure and, therefore, it is obligatory to consult with a dermatologist before conducting any UV therapy. Nonetheless, following a prescription from a doctor, the miracles of salon UV light treatments can possibly be considered a viable solution to manage such skin diseases.

6. Achieve A More Even Tan

People seeking to get beautiful sun-tanned skin end up with patches and tan lines from constantly sunbathing. Tanning beds are much more controlled in their usage and distribution of the tanning process than other alternatives. These lights shine special rays that reach all over your body, like sunshine on a beach!

They don’t leave any patches out, so you’ll get an even tan without any weird tan lines. Also, tanning beds are available in different configurations, which include lie-down, stand-up, and facial tanners. The good thing is that you can adjust the area you want to tan depending on the part of the body that you want to look slimmer or fuller, like your legs or chest.

7. Year-Round Tanning Option

Sunsets are present and lovely, but does that mean that one has to have sun for tanning? In contrast to the weather, which does not remain constant, tanning salons in NJ present a method of achieving sun-kissed skin any time of the year.

Forget pale winter skin!

That means women can go out with a pale complexion in the morning and end the day with a lovely tan after a visit to a salon. This means you can wear your summer dress with a lot of confidence come December or flaunt your lines on the beach at any time of the year. Tanning salons provide the flexibility to achieve the tan in whichever period one desires.


The kind of feeling people get when they take a sun bath is good, and that is why tanner salons are the best option to get a good tan.

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Here is the list of seven advantages: A good and even tan is among them, as well as the improvement of mood and even the amount of Vitamin D. As you make your hair loose, follow the set guidelines and seek the help of the individuals in your salon to make it safe and fun.

With Hollywood Tans, be assured about your tan safety, get the best spray tan in NJ, and discover the best for your skin.


1. Are tanning services from tanning salons any safer than tanning under the sun?

Thus, while tanning beds expose people to UV radiation, salons will do so in a controlled manner. This way, they are different from the uncertain solar rays that are usually administered in tanning cabins without proper time and amount control.

2. Can tanning salons help with Vitamin D?

Absolutely! Vitamin D is one of the nutrients that our bodies can synthesize from sun a natural source of Vitamin D. Tanning beds can mimic this process, which may increase the levels of Vitamin D in your body- beneficial for skin and the body in general.

3. Can tanning help with skin conditions?

UV light treatment has some effects on some skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema. However, it is advisable to seek the help of a dermatologist prior going tanning for these reasons. They are capable of guiding a client on the best course of action to take in order to minimize the risk while at the same time achieving the intended purpose of the process.