Whether you’ve tanned a lot or are just starting, it’s important to choose the right tanning bed for a safe and nice tan. In this blog, we explain the basics in simple words to help you understand why picking a bed that matches your skin is important.

We cover everything from how UV rays work to the different bed options out there. We’ve got you covered!

Explore the world of tanning with confidence as we share practical tips, safety advice, and budget-friendly suggestions.

Get ready to choose a tanning bed in Cherry Hill that not only makes your skin look great but also keeps you safe and healthy.

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Let’s start this journey to find your perfect tanning match!

Getting To Know UV Tanning

Let’s talk about UV tanning in simple terms. UV tanning means spending time under special lights that give off UV rays.

There are two kinds of rays from the sun: UVA and UVB. They go into your skin and create a color called melanin, which gives you a tan.

Now, here are a few important things to keep in mind:

1. UV rays breakdown

UV tanning uses special lights that have UVA and UVB rays. These rays go into your skin and make melanin, which gives you a tan.

2. Good, and be careful

UV tanning can make your skin look nice and tan. But you need to be careful. A little bit of UV exposure is good for making vitamin D, but too much can cause sunburn and hurt your skin.

3. Types of tanning beds

Tanning beds come in different types. Some have milder rays, and some focus more on one type of ray. Knowing these differences helps you pick a bed that’s good for your skin.

4. Be safe

Before you use a tanning bed, think about how sensitive your skin is. People with lighter skin need less time, while those with darker skin can handle more. Follow the recommended time to avoid getting burned.

Understanding these basic things about UV tanning makes it safer and more fun. When you check out different tanning beds in Cherry Hill, NJ, you can use this knowledge to pick the one that works best for your skin.

Identifying Your Skin Type

Knowing your skin type is really important when you’re picking a tanning bed with UV light for a safe and good tanning experience.

Here are some easy things to help you figure out your skin type:

1. Light skin

If your skin burns easily and it’s hard for you to tan, you probably have light skin. Choose a tanning bed with lower power and take it slow to avoid irritating your skin.

2. Medium skin

People with medium skin usually tan moderately and might get sunburned sometimes. Look for a tanning bed that balances things out for your skin without giving you too much UV light.

3. Dark skin

If your skin is dark, you tan easily and rarely get sunburned. Use a tanning bed with more power, but make sure not to stay in for too long to avoid too much exposure.

Remember, everyone’s skin is different, so it’s important to know how your skin reacts to UV rays. If you need more clarification about your skin type, talk to skincare experts or dermatologists.

Taking the time to know your skin type helps you choose the right tanning bed, making sure you get a nice tan while keeping your skin safe. It’s all about finding a balance that works for your skin so you can enjoy a beautiful glow without harming your skin.

Factors to Consider in UV Tanning

Picking the right tanning bed is super important for getting a good tan safely.

Here’s what to think about when choosing:

1. Types of beds

There are two kinds of tanning beds – low-pressure and high-pressure. Low-pressure ones give a slow tan, while high-pressure ones tan you faster. Pick the one that matches what you want.

2. Power and strength

Look at how strong the tanning bed is. Higher power might tan you faster, but make sure it’s manageable for your skin to avoid problems.

3. Extra stuff

Check out any cool extras, like cooling systems or face tanners. Cooling systems make your sessions more comfy, and face tanners focus on specific areas. Choose the ones that fit what you like.

4. Size and look

Think about how much space you have and what the tanning bed looks like. Some are small and good for home; others are big and better for tanning salons in Cherry Hill, NJ.

5. Money matters

Figure out your budget for the tanning bed. Prices can differ, so find one that’s good for your wallet but still has the desired features. Compare different ones to see what works for you.

Thinking about these things will help you pick a tanning bed that’s right for your skin and what you want. Remember, making a smart choice means a safer and more fun tanning time.

Staying Safe While Tanning: Easy Tips for Using Your Tanning Bed

If you want a nice sun-kissed tan, keeping safe is important.

Here are some simple tips to remember when using a tanning bed:

1. Follow the instructions

Always do what the tanning bed instructions say. This helps you use it the right way and avoids any possible dangers.

2. Watch your time

Keep an eye on how long you tan. Too much time can hurt your skin. Start with short sessions and increase a bit if your skin is okay with it.

3. Protect your eyes

Sunrays can harm your eyes. Get special glasses to protect your eyes during tanning. It’s an easy way to keep your vision safe.

4. Get your skin ready

Before tanning, make sure to scrub and moisturize your skin. This helps you get an even tan and reduces the chance of irritation.

5. Cooling systems help

Choose a tanning bed with a cooling system. These systems make your sessions more comfy and stop things from getting too hot.

You can get a good tan and stay healthy by following these safety steps. Take care of your skin, and enjoy your tanning bed experience safely for beautiful and radiant skin.

Taking Care of Your Tanning Bed

To make sure your tanning bed stays good for a long time and works well, follow these easy tips:

1. Keep it clean

Wipe the bed often to get rid of sweat, stuff from your skin, or creams. Use a gentle cleaner to keep it clean.

2. Kill germs

Make sure to clean the bed after each use to stop germs from building up. This helps keep your skin safe and the bed clean.

3. Check the airflow

Clean or change the filters if your bed has a fan. Good airflow makes tanning comfy and makes the bed last longer.

4. Electric check

Look at the cords and plugs for any damage. Fix any issues right away to avoid problems and keep your tanning safe.

Do these things regularly, and your tanning bed will last long. Plus, it’ll keep your skin safe and make your tanning time enjoyable.

Remember, a well-kept tanning bed helps you get that beautiful, sun-kissed look.


Getting a great tan is important, and picking the right tanning bed in Cherry Hill, NJ, makes a big difference. Hollywood Tans knows how important it is to find the best one for your skin. We designed our tanning beds to keep you safe and happy.

We have different options, from low to high pressure, to fit different needs. When choosing, remember to think about things like power, features, and your budget. Hollywood Tans cares about you and wants to give you a tan and a confident and glowing look.

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1. How can I pick the right UV tanning bed for my skin?

First, know your skin type – light, medium, or dark. Think about whether you prefer a gentle or strong bed based on how sensitive your skin is. Also, read about the product to make sure it’s good for your skin.

2. Are UV tanning beds safe, and what should I do to stay safe?

UV tanning beds can be safe if you use them the right way. Follow the instructions from the company, wear special glasses to protect your eyes, and don’t tan for too long. If you’re worried, talk to a skincare expert.

3. Can I get a good UV tanning bed without spending too much money?

Yes, there are affordable options. Look for beds with the basics, check what other people say about how well they work, and compare prices. Finding a good balance between quality and cost will help you make a smart choice.