Do you want to look sun-kissed and fabulous? Well, meet the Ergoline Open Sun 1050, your new best friend, for getting a beautiful tan.

Many people want that lovely sun-kissed look, but it’s important to do it safely. That’s why the Ergoline Open Sun 1050 is fantastic. It’s like a special bed that can give you a pretty tan without hurting your skin from too much sun.

In this blog, we’ll talk about how tanning works, why the Ergoline Open Sun 1050 is awesome, and how you can use it to look amazing. We’ll also share tips and stories from people who’ve used it and looked great.

Get ready to learn how to get that sun-kissed glow with this type of tanning bed. No more sunburns or weird tan lines – just a perfect, pretty tan!

The Science of Tanning

Tanning is like a little magic trick for your skin! But how does it work? Let’s make it super simple.

When your skin gets sunlight or those sunbeams, it goes, “Oh, I need to protect myself!” So, it creates something called melanin. Think of melanin as your skin’s superhero—it shields you from too much sun. As melanin builds up, your skin gets that pretty sun-kissed look.

But here’s the important thing: too much sun can be bad for your skin. That’s where the Ergoline Open Sun 1050 comes into play.

This cool tanning bed is like a sun expert. It gives your skin just the right amount of sun-like rays, so you get tan without the sunburn trouble.

Inside this tanning bed, there are special lights that copy sunshine. These light sets up to make sure you get a nice tan without any sunburn worries. Plus, the bed is comfy, so you can chill while you tan.

So, when you use it, you’re not just getting a pretty tan; you’re also looking after your skin. It’s all about easy tanning science, thanks to Ergoline Open Sun 1050!

Ergoline Open Sun 1050: What Makes It Great?

The Ergoline Open Sun 1050 is the way to get a nice tan without the sun’s harshness. Let’s see why people like it.

Key Features

1. Strong lights: This bed has strong lights that tan you evenly and quickly.

2. Make it yours: You can change the bed’s settings to match how you want to tan.

3. Comfy time: Designed to be comfortable, with a shape that fits you and fans to keep you cool.

Why It’s Awesome

1. Fast tan: It’s faster than other tanning ways because it’s high-tech.

2. Safe tanning: You won’t get too much sun because you can control it.

3. Feels good: You’ll feel nice and relaxed while tanning.

So, the Ergoline Open Sun 1050 is a cool way to get a tan. It’s fast, safe, and comfy. No more sunburn, just a great tan!

Safety Tips For a Beautiful Tan

When using the Ergoline Open Sun 1050 for a sun-kissed glow, staying safe is super important. Here are some easy-to-follow safety tips:

1. Short sessions: Start with short tanning sessions. Don’t stay in too long, especially at first. To experience the best tanning services, you can go for tanning beds in Cherry Hill, NJ.

2. Protect your eyes: Always wear special goggles to shield your eyes from the tanning light.

3. Know your skin: If your skin easily gets red or burnt in the sun, be extra careful and talk to an expert.

4. Stay hydrated: Drink water before and after tanning to keep your skin happy.

5. Take breaks: Don’t tan every day. Your skin needs time off to recover.

6. Sunscreen outside: If you go outside right after tanning, sunscreen protects your skin.

7. Pregnancy caution: It’s best to skip tanning beds if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

8. Talk to your doctor: If you’re sick or taking medicine, ask your doctor if it’s okay to tan.

Consider these easy tips; you can enjoy a beautiful sun-kissed glow with the Ergoline Open Sun 1050 and keep your skin safe and healthy. It’s all about looking great and feeling great!

How To Get a Gorgeous Sun-kissed Tan With Ergoline Open Sun 1050?

Getting a lovely sun-kissed tan with Ergoline Open Sun 1050 is simple! Here’s how:

1. Get ready before tanning:

Start by scrubbing your skin gently and putting on some lotion. This helps your tan look even and keeps your skin nice and soft.

2. Take care of your skin:

Keep your skin happy by using a gentle soap and lotion often. Healthy skin tans better and holds onto that tan longer.

3. Using the Ergoline Open Sun 1050:

Hop into the Ergoline Open Sun 1050 and set it up the way you like. Start with a short session to be safe, and increase the time bit by bit.

4. Time to tan:

Lie down comfortably inside the bed, close your eyes, and chill out while the special lights give you that beautiful tan.

5. After tanning:

When done, drink some water and add more lotion to keep your skin in good shape and hold onto your tan.

Remember to use sunscreen when you go outside to protect your skin. With these easy steps, you’ll have a fantastic sun-kissed tan that makes you look and feel amazing. Have fun tanning safely!


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It has cool stuff like strong lights and easy controls, and it’s comfy. This means you’ll get your tan quicker and more evenly, and it’s safe, too.

But remember, it’s important to be safe when you tan. Before and after tanning, use lotion, drink water, and put on sunscreen if you’re going outside.

At Hollywood Tans, we really care about you. If you have any questions or worries about the tanning beds, just ask us.

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1. How does Ergoline open Sun 1050 make my skin tan?

It makes your skin tan by using special UV lights that tell your skin to make a tan. It’s a safe way to get that sunny look.

2. Is it safe to use ergoline open sun 1050 on my skin?

Yes, if you follow the rules and stay inside only briefly. The machine has safety stuff to keep you from getting too much sun.

3. How do I keep my tan after using Ergoline Open Sun 1050?

Use lotion to keep your skin happy, and drink water to keep your tan. Also, use sun cream outside to stay safe. Sometimes, you can use the machine again to keep your tan looking good.