Everyone likes to look their finest. Red Light Therapy in Cherry Hill, NJ, can help you reach that dream with skin therapies that can diminish fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. Moreover, it also helps remove acne and boost the health of your skin. It also helps your lymphatic system improve your body’s detoxification abilities by increasing blood flow. Moreover, it may even promote hair growth in the hair follicles.

The red light therapy we offer can help you attain your objectives. It is an alternative medical therapy that uses light-emitting diode (LED) lights to boost the body’s tissues and cells. These lights have assisted human physiology in wound healing, pain alleviation, and tissue repair.

Red light therapy has no downtime or side effects, but it takes some time for results to show. However, the results will appear after just one session. Red light therapy is favourably helpful as it works from the inside out. You activate your body’s natural healing method using red light therapy.

How does Red Light Therapy Work?

Red Light Therapy is a non-invasive anti-aging therapy that the FDA agrees to fight the symptoms of aging skin. Red light therapy often takes the form of a light panel, face mask, or wand equipped with LED lights, which you put near your skin to let your cells “absorb” the light. It works by shining light into the skin to boost cellular activity to speed up the skin’s regeneration cycle, heal the skin, stimulate the creation of collagen, improve blood circulation, or help calm inflammation.

Red Light Benefits

●  Acne

Red light therapy can aid acne as it infiltrates deep into the skin, stimulating sebum production and lessening irritation and inflammation. In addition, you are less likely you are prone to breakouts if there is less sebum in your skin.

●  Arthritis and Joint Health

Red light therapy can also lessen joint pain and swelling, and degeneration. According to further research, it is a great option for treating degenerative osteoarthritis and inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. In addition to relieving joint pain and swelling, and decreases stiffness, increases motion, and improves the quality of life.

●  Skin Conditions

Some analyses have shown massive progress in skin conditions with only one 2-minute session of red light therapy per week. It improves the skin’s overall look and itchiness. The same effects were found in psoriasis patients, reducing redness and inflammation and speeding up the skin’s healing procedure. Moreover, cold sores have gone with the use of this therapy.

●  Brain Health

Red light also improves energy production, circulation, and oxygenation in the brain, which boosts brain cell function and regenerates brain tissue. Also, it helps with learning, memory, reaction times, and a positive mood. Moreover, it is beneficial for treating traumatic brain injuries and conditions like dementia.

●  Skin Improvement

While helping to lessen acne and skin infections, red light therapy also improves the facial texture and rejuvenates the skin. It will acquire by increasing blood flow between tissue and blood cells. Regular use can also save the cells from skin injury, helping keep your complexion long-term.

●  Brain Health

Red light also improves circulation, energy production, and oxygenation in the brain, which boosts brain cell function and regenerates brain tissue. Also, it helps with learning, reaction times, memory, and a positive mood. In addition, it is beneficial for treating traumatic brain injuries and conditions like dementia.

●  Skin Improvement

While helping to reduce acne and skin conditions, red light therapy also improves the overall facial texture, rejuvenating the skin. It is achieved by increasing blood flow between blood and tissue cells. Regular use can also protect the cells from skin damage, helping maintain your complexion long-term.

●  Wound Healing

The study has revealed that red light therapy can help heal wounds more quickly than other ointments or products. It does this by lessening inflammation in the cells, raising helpful fibroblasts in the skin, producing new blood vessels to form, and boosting collagen production in the skin to assist with scarring. Red light treatment is also beneficial if you just had surgery or have a wound or cut that is not healing.

What to Expect During a Red Light Therapy Treatment

Unlike some beauty therapies, you don’t feel much with red light therapy. Of course, once the light heats up, you will feel some heat on your skin, but most find it relaxing and tranquil.

Professional Vs. At-Home

Red light therapy can be completed professionally as part of facial therapy by an esthetician, as part of dermatological practice, or with an at-home machine. You may also see red light therapy booths at your fancy gym. Both home and professional tools come into different devices but are often found in a single or tri-panel handheld rod, mask, or even a full-body stand-up or bed panel. Remember that the at-home version may be less potent than the professional version, but they are still beneficial.

Do your homework while looking for devices before you use red light therapy at home. The red light therapies are painless and need no downtime. The benefits are accumulative, so consistency is vital to reap all the help.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there other kinds of light therapy?

LED light therapy utilizes different wavelengths that fit further visible colors. As a result, each color penetrates the skin at different depths.

  • Yellow light penetrates deeper.
  • Blue light impacts the uppermost coating of your skin.
  • Red light travels further into your skin.
  • Near-infrared light penetrates the most in-depth.
  • Is there any side effect of red light therapy?

RLT is considered a safe therapy when administered by a professional medical expert. They can treat your condition without any adverse side effects by choosing the appropriate dosage for your needs. Yet, your provider may advise avoiding red light therapy if you have particular situations, like skin sensitivity or pregnancy.

  • Can you use red light therapy every day?

Yes. You can use red light therapy daily by following the manufacturer’s instructions. If you have chronic pain, starting a daily routine of using red light therapy is suggested.


Red light therapy is a secure and natural method to boost energy, reduce inflammation, and improve skin health. You can find the best red light therapy in cherry hill, NJ, for advanced and painless treatment. Hollywood Tan’s Red light therapy booths and beds are set up entirely with red light collagen lamps specially designed for whole-body red light therapy. They are at the salon now, so come on in and try a session soon!